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25 Beautiful Homes Magazine - Behind the scenes of the shoot

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

When Cassie Pryce an interior stylist got in touch to ask if she could shoot my home for a magazine I was shocked and of course over the moon. It has taken 5 years of renovating to get the house exactly how we wanted it and it's something we are proud of! Cassie spotted my home on my instagram account @ginandinteriors. She asked me to send her more pictures as I had only just recently been posting and then got back to me with a shoot date!

A few snaps of the house were sent to Cassie to give her an idea of the house

On the day of the shoot I was fairly nervous. Even though I have art directed shoots in the past, this time it was me being on the other side of the camera! Cassie and David the photographer made me feel very relaxed and after a cuppa they made a start styling the lounge ready for the first shot.

But first... tea!

Small details were added to the room taken from other parts of the house

They then shot in the hallway and moved onto the kitchen...

A quick break for lunch and it was back to shooting the rest of the house. It took a whole day and by the end of it I was shattered! All good fun though. Then the wait was on to see the finished article in print!

David and Cassie checking the images on the screen to make sure the shot is just perfect

It was a sunny day and the light was pouring in!

Here is the finished article published in September 2018. Complete with a G&T no less! So proud!

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Apr 04, 2019

You have a beautiful home Cara. 😊

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